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Brothers from the far land

In the middle of 1980th years when in Kabul some international wrestling competitions were carried out, there has arrived the Mongolian team. Before a sports hall have hung out flags of all arrived teams. Once Mongols going into the street, have noticed group of the armed Afghans which carried out before the Mongolian banner with soyombo a ceremony of banner sprinkle. When later the Mongolian sportsmen learned, who were this people, to them have explained, that it is any descendants of Mongol-Hulagids which having heard about arrival of east brothers came to support them, and having seen the Mongol banner, have made a ceremony of banner sprinkle. I heard this story from the Mongol writer Sanjasuregiyn Anudar in the beginning of 90th years. Where from he heard this story I don't remember. Perhaps, it is simply modern folklore, a beautiful legend, and may be it is a truth, I cannot judge. But, if you now in Mongolia, it is possible to specify in sport committee.

Thursday Jan 06, 2005 22:40

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