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Song far from the motherland
New Jersey

I here spent time with Kalmyks and have got many friends. Recently here on the big holiday in New York Kalmyks have acted with the traditional dances and songs. Former dancers of popular Kalmyk group "Tulip" settled here acted. And the culmination for me became a song, nooooo not Kalmyk, not Russian, and even not English, it was a Buryat song... So do you know what song was - "Toonto nutag". The Kalmyk girl it sung, and sung very beautiful. Already from surprise I feels tingles down on spine, listening to the native song in this far alien for us country though many thousand spectators have not understood that is the Buryat song:))), well except for Kalmyks certainly. All the same it was pleasant to hear something our far from the native land, and to Kalmyks for this many thanks!!!

12.07.2003 05:37

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