Hamag Mongol

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Site about and for modern Mongols.

One from prototypes of united Mongol State was Hamag Mongol Ulus (Hamg Mongl Uls), that existed untill 50-60-s of XII-th century. Chingis-Haan, reconstructed the Mongol Ulus in XIII-th century, went farther, united not only Mongols of Orhon, Kerulen and Tol rivers, but all peoples lived under the felt roof, who take at this time name "Mongol". Later this peoples under the direction of descendants of Great Kagan created the world empire Ih Mongol Ulus (Ik Mongl Uls, Eke Mongol Ulus), that have not analogues untill our days.

At present time in the world dispersed about ten million Mongols. All of them - from Mongolia, Russia, China and from other countries unite community of language, culture, customs, religion and incontestable fact, that all of them during five centuries lived in structure of the united Mongol State. In consciousness of Mongols of the all world wander common-mongolian idea, aspiration if not live together on the own native lands in the frame of unite strong new-born state, at least have common culture and politic space. Feeling of belonging to once unite people born a notion "panmongolism" - noble patriotic idea, summons of heart of peoples, parted during some centuries.